Punctual, Professional, Dependable


Excellent Service Is Standard With Frontier Transportation

Frontier Transportation is a full service transportation company that provides safe, reliable and customer-centric transportation solutions. Our services cover non emergency transportation to and from medical appointments, transportation for children with special needs, transportation for children under state care and transportation for young adults in vulnerable situations. We take care of every single passenger in our care, ensuring our professional and reliable drivers fulfill all your transportation needs.

Our services include:

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Urgent and short notice transportation
  • Transportation up to 500 miles in any direction from the Twin Cities
  • Overflow relief for your primary provider
  • Safety seats for all ages upon request
  • Special occasion transportation
  • Field-trip transportation
  • Short-term transportation
  • Long-term transportation 

Our main priority is safety and we are totally committed to ensuring our high safety standards are complied with by all our transportation specialists. We undergo continuous safety training for all our drivers, ensure checks to verify drop-off sites and persons waiting are confirmed as well as carry out comprehensive maintenance on all our vehicles. We also engage in ongoing monthly staff training. Frontier Transportation complies with all state comprehensive insurance and business liability requirements

Our transportation specialists are professional, courteous, meet our rigorous screening requirements, and are trained to give you great service.


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